Intersect provides customized consulting and research that forms the basis for technology planning, corporate strategies, and new product/service development.

Our clients most often ask us to help them understand the situation in other parts of the world and interpret it in the context of their specific challenges. Our team excels at understanding the strategy and technology aspects of a business problem and developing the path to solving the problem. Where the solution also involves building global alliances, we serve as an extension of our client organization to help create win-win collaborations.

How We Support Our Clients

Technology Trend Research

As technologies converge, research and development efforts increasingly cross over traditional lines, driving the information
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Global collaboration has become the default paradigm for R&D, and ad hoc collaborative discussions play an important role
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The principle behind benchmarking research is that understanding how one’s own work fits into a field can help focus in
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Innovation Monitoring

Many key advances today are built on previous contributions to fields of study. By monitoring the innovation in a field, our
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Technology Commercialization

Commercializing innovations can be one of the greatest challenges in business. Even the best crafted or most elegant technolo
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